Website Care

Every website needs a little TLC. In order to serve your customers in the best way possible your website requires regular updates and optimisation. Updates are fundamental from an online security standpoint too as hackers seek to exploit vulnerabilities in outdated plugins and get their hands on a website's database.
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  • Security Checks
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Resource Monitoring
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  • Broken Links Checks
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    Website optimisation on the other hand is very closely related to search engine ranking (a.k.a. SEO) as page speed has now become one of the topmost ranking factors on Google’s latest “Core Web Vitals” algorithm. Prior to 2021 Google mainly focused on “Mobile-Friendliness”, “Safe Browsing”, “Security (HTTPS)” and “Intrusive Interstitials” as ranking signals in their CVW assessment but we can clearly see they are now paying even more attention to overall user experience (UX) and have added 3 additional metrics to the list, “Pagespeed” being one of them.

    It is good to note that excellent “Core Web Vitals” is no substitute for poor content and is only one aspect in the process of ranking higher than your competitors. However, regular resource optimisation is essential for businesses aiming to serve great user experience, which also is the main business of the major search engine companies, so having the basics right sets solid foundations for your future success on the web.

    Simplify tasks—amplify results

    With our website care plans, you can rest assured that your valuable digital assets are well looked after, main web requirements are met and your website is in optimal condition, so you can focus fully on what you do best — delivering great service to your clients. Leaving your website vulnerable may result in malicious leaking of your company’s sensitive information and your customers' personal details. In order to minimise the risk of security breaches and unauthorised access keeping your website up-to-date is crucial.

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    Website Audit

    If you have an existing website and you haven't inspected it recently avoid needless risk by requesting a full audit from us which will deliver a detailed security report. The report will also provide your website's desktop and mobile device page speed score following the latest industry standards. Broken links report will show any old and incorrect URL links that are still present on the website but are not available as posts or pages which could be very frustrating to your visitors as they have to click unnecessarily to get to the initially intended destination.

    Internal and external linking is a very important aspect when talking about search engine optimisation. In addition to that our report will check for duplicate text content on your website, inspect the website's robots and sitemaps and flag many other SEO related details.

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    Yes, we do provide ongoing support for all our websites. Please know that a website is like a garden — it requires regular care to live a long life.